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Dr. Rose Pirritano


Dr. Rose Pirritano is an experienced Osteopath who has worked in many clinics around Melbourne prior to establishing Altona Meadows Osteopathy.  After completing a 5 year double degree including a Masters degree Rose has developed a thorough understanding of musculoskeletal issues.  Rose’s treatment approach is tailored to suit the individual's needs. 

Rose has furthered her studies in many areas including Dry needling, pregnancy and paediatric care. She has also a keen interest in sports injuries having worked with both local football and soccer clubs.  Rose treats a variety of people from babies to the elderly, from injured workers to elite sports people. 

Rose is extremely passionate about osteopathy and prides herself on providing the highest quality healthcare.

Dr. Aziza Hassan


Dr. Aziza Hassan completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Complementary Medicine and her Masters of Osteopathy at RMIT University.  She has also furthered her studies in paediatric osteopathy and pregnancy osteopathy.  More recently she travelled to England to complete a short course in paediatric osteopathy. She has a particular passion for treating both children and pregnancy related issues and aspires to specialise in this particular field, “treating children and pregnancy is my passion, there is an immense amount that osteopathy can offer in giving a child an optimum start to their life”. - Dr. Aziza Noor Hassan

Dr. Aziza Hassan has worked in many clinic around Melbourne.  Through this she has gained a great amount of knowledge in the management of different issues and treatment styles.  Aziza combines both a structural and cranial approach to treatment which produce great results for her patients.    

Dr. Arantxa Rodriguez


Dr. Arantxa Rodriguez completed her 5 year Osteopathic training at Victoria University.  During her studies she was involved in assisting students with demonstrations in osteopathy and was also the anatomy lab assistant.  Arantxa has also furthered her studies by completing a short course in Dry needling.  Arantxa is a dedicated, passionate member of the team who will strive to get to the bottom of your complaint.  She has a keen interest in all facets of osteopathy and incorporates exercise prescription into her management of your complaints. 

In her spare time she enjoys swimming, reading and cake decorating.  She recently made her own amazing wedding cake. 

Dr. Petar Fiamengo


Many of you may already know Petar as the former remedial massage therapist at the clinic.  Dr. Petar Fiamengo has completed Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Science in Clinical Science and Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy. 

He enjoys treating various conditions such as headaches/migraines, postural and mechanical dysfunctions. His passion is treating elite, recreational athletes and sporting injuries. Petar is a strong believer in an proactive approach, therefore can provide management and rehabilitation for back to work and sporting purposes.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience after working in a number of clinic around melbourne.  Peter's relaxed nature will make you feel at ease especially if you anxious about receiving treatment.

Petar is learning martial arts and plays basketball for a team during his spare time. He enjoys travelling and learning about many different cultures.

Jenny Abbott

Remedial Massage Therapist

Jenny has studied at both RMIT and Sage Institute of massage and qualified with her remedial diploma having such high esteem amongst her trainers that they asked her join the staff. Jenny has since split her time between teaching and working as a therapist. She has also had the great fortune to undertake a mentoring program with veteran Remedial practitioners whom have instilled in her many of their well-honed techniques and philosophies.

Jenny has a deep understanding of body mechanics and works from a basis of targeted treatment to restore function. Her love of learning has been a driving force for her to attain new techniques and constantly evolve and improve herself. Having spent nearly 3 years training up and coming remedial massage therapists and sharing her skills within the modality, she has now turned her attentions back to full time clinical remedial massage treatment, enabling her to focus on her true passion of helping people function better.

Remedial massage is a form of soft tissue manipulation that focuses on returning functionality. There are many ways in which massage benefits the body such as encouraging healthy muscle function. It is particularly useful for injury rehabilitation. Further more massage

  • Promotes healthy blood and lipid flow within the body
  • Releases stored waste products with in the tissue so it may be disposed of
  • Supports the body in it’s own healing processes
  • Releases endorphins
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Has a positive affect on the nervous system
  • Helps to get rid of aches and pains
  • Prevents injuries
  • Relaxes you! 

What to expect

I will guide you through the consultation process as we go. I will need you to complete a client history form for my files. This will be kept securely and your details will not be given to any third parties. Your privacy is of paramount importance, should I think you would benefit from a referral to an allied health professional then I will ask your express permission to include any relevant personal details within that referral.

Within the initial consultation I will undertake a postural assessment and some functional tests related to your area of concern. For this assessment I would normally ask that you undress down to your underwear so that I can easily see alignments. If you are uncomfortable with this then you can wear a singlet and shorts but the assessment may take a little longer. The purpose of this assessment is to help me to formulate your treatment plan so we can get the most out of your massage. 

Once the postural assessment is done I will do some functional range of motion testing. This establishes an overview of how your body is functioning and provides me with information on which areas need further assessment.

Orthopedic assessment will be undertaken should there be any dysfunction highlighted by the prior testing. This will involve specific motions and resistance work these tests are strongly suggestive of a particular disorder or condition when they yield a positive result.

It is through this system of testing that we can really get a handle on where your dysfunction lies. It will highlight how it is affecting both your posture and your functionality and will indicate what the best method of treatment will be to aide your body’s recovery. It may sound like a long, drawn out process but it actually only takes around twenty minutes or so in it’s entirety.

As a massage therapist my goal is to work with you to achieve your goals. We are a team and as such to progress your recovery and promote your own health your participation will be required. I will provide you with information about what I think the pattern of dysfunction is and how it is occurring. The massage will be targeted at helping your body to return to optimum function and you may also be provided with some home care advice.

What to wear

Please try to wear suitable underwear for your initial consultation. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of me performing my assessments while you’re are in your underwear then please bring a singlet and shorts with you to put on. I want you to feel at ease at all times, if you are uncomfortable with something, just let me know.

Try to wear loose clothing to your massage as a general rule. I may want to provide you with some stretches and other home care elements. I usually like to demonstrate stretches and then get you to perform them too so you know what to do and how it should feel.


Serena Harvey

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer (Heart & Bowl Nutrition)


At Heart and Bowl we have been refining our skills in health, fitness, diets and weight loss for nearly a decade. That experience is invaluable and we have a great record of professional and personal achievement. Our unique approach coupled with our success puts us in the ideal position to advise you on the best way for you to balance practical eating strategies with realistic exercise regimes.

Jodie McEwan

Doctor of traditional chinese Medicine

Jodie McEwan is a fully qualified Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a registered Reiki practitioner.

Graduating in 2007 from Victoria University with a double Degree in a Bachelor of Chinese medicine-Acupuncture and Herbal medicine, Jodie completed her internship at Shandong University in China.

Having worked at Aviation Family Chiropractic in Altona for 8 years and the clinic relocating Jodie is now working with the exciting and innovative team at Altona Meadows Osteopathy and Health Care clinic.

Passionate in all areas of health promotion and wellbeing, Jodie’s particular interests include woman’s health, male and female fertility issues, menstrual care, pre and post natal care, IVF support and labour preparation.

All aspects of health can be treated with Chinese medicine including emotional imbalances, muscular skeletal issues, digestive disorders, headaches and most importantly maintenance of our general wellbeing. Why wait for something to go wrong when regular treatments can avoid future issues? Your health is the most important thing that you have!

Practised for over 2000 years, Chinese medicine does not separate the innate balance between our emotions, our physical body and our connection to nature and the seasons. A wholistic and personal approach is taken throughout the whole treatment and treatments can include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Herbal medicine
  • Moxibustion therapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Nutritional and seasonal advice
  • Reiki
  • Gua sha (Chinese massage)
  • Body movement advice     



Justin Kalopa               Image result for solemotion podiatry


Justin Kalopa is a podiatrist and a sports massage therapist. Originally from Niue Island, Justin completed his undergraduate studies at Auckland University of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. Since arriving in Melbourne he has worked within a variety of Podiatry settings around Victoria, up skilling in Laser Therapy, Foot Mobilisation, Dry Needling, Kinesio Taping for injury rehabilitation and attending regular special interest group meetings.

His background knowledge of soft tissue injuries spanning over 14years, has bought a vast array of skills to his podiatric profession. Working with the most elite athletes, to the weekend warriors, he has seen a number of injuries over the years and has a few tricks up his sleeve to assist in getting you back on your feet and onto the sports field of life.

Our aim at Sole Motion Podiatry is to offer a full range of podiatry services, whether sports related injury requiring shoe advice, stretching advice, custom orthotics or a general podiatry problem with the skin and toenails. All of our clinics are located within multi-disciplinary medical centres, allowing a more wholistic approach should your problem require more than podiatric intervention. We deal with all aspects of Podiatry with a special interest in Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotic Prescription. We provide professional management and advice for all foot and lower limb injuries and concerns. As a member of Sports Medicine Australia, Australian Association of Podiatric Sports Medicine, Diabetes Australia and the Australian Podiatry Association, we are committed to continuing education, and our patients can be assured of receiving the most up to date, scientifically based treatments possible. Contact us today on (03) 8360 8363 and see why we are focused on forming long term relationships built on premium customer service, quality care and the latest technology available.


Anna Pirritano & Kim Carter                   



Anna and Kim are the friendly and helpful voices that greet you when you phone or walk into the clinic.  They are resourceful and willing to help you wherever possible, if they can't they will direct you in the right path.  We are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful help.  On the odd occassion when they are away from the phones please leave a voice message and they will return your call as soon as possible.


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