Marie Eon

Pilates Instructor

Marie is a qualified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor and loves all forms of feel good movement. She has found Pilates to be the best way to stay active and strong, teaching simple ways to move that help you engage mind to body connection. With a strong attention to detail, her teaching style is interactive where she will challenge you to move in a way that makes your body feel it’s best! Expect slow controlled movements as you smoothly transition from one shape to another with plenty of encouragement along the way. She loves to make others feel accomplished and confident in their movement and will help you progress at your own pace.

Outside of teaching Pilates full-time, you will find her in the kitchen baking buttery goods as well as diet friendly treats! She also loves the outdoors and staying active through mindful movement. Prior to teaching, she studied Photography and is curious about anything creative.

Her passion for movement shines through her teaching and we hope you can experience the benefits that Pilates has to offer too!

Don't put up with pain or discomfort...