Thomas A. Stratton

Myotherapist / Remedial Massage Therapist

Thomas A. Stratton is a fully qualified and registered Myotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist, allied with the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT), as well as a qualified Fitness/Group Instructor, and Sports & Recreation Trainer.

Initially completing his studies within Remedial Massage Therapy at an institute under the banner of Sage Institute of Massage in 2017, Thomas found efforts dashed, and his career endeavours impeded by the institution’s sudden closure, negating the recent qualification to be although having completed the necessary studies. Despite this unprecedented setback, however, as Thomas had fostered a deep passion and respect for his chosen specialisation, he once again undertook his studies at the Gordon TAFE, becoming qualified once more in 2018.

Since his qualification, Thomas has continuously and successfully managed a home-based practice and is currently employed at another Melbourne based clinic, as well as at the esteemed Altona Osteopathic and Healthcare clinic. He has also undertaken studies in Gua Sha, a form of TCM, which roughly translates to the term, “Scrape Heat”, which involves the usage of various assisted massage instruments in order to alleviate areas of excess heat/inflammation within the human body which can occur due to injury or prolonged micro-trauma (RSI). As Thomas has an insatiable desire for knowledge, he has future plans to undertake studies in myofascial cupping, dry needling, kinesiology taping, pilates and much more.

Throughout the duration of Thomas’ career and studies, he has come across a wide array of musculoskeletal disorders, successfully adapting his assessment and treatment methods in order to provide a holistic and individualised approach to each therapeutic session. Thomas prides himself in the usage of evidence-based clinical treatment methods.

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