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Altona Meadows Osteopathy & Healthcare Clinic Point Cook

At Altona Meadows Osteopathy & Healthcare Clinic we provide you with a holistic approach to your health needs. The director of the clinic is an experienced Osteopath who has worked at a number of different clinics before developing a clinic of her own. Joining her now is a very experienced and knowledgeable group of practitioners aiming to improve your health and well being.

In a world full of the latest technologies and state of the art machinery what is the one tool the osteopath will use most that cannot be replaced? ... Their hands!!

We aim to provide safe and effective treatment to assist you with your complaint but more so to prevent its reoccurrence.

The clinic also offers Remedial Massage Therapy, nutritional advice and Dry needling. We have also developed a referral network to include podiatry, musculoskeletal specialists and other healthcare providers to offer you the best care possible.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide you with the best possible care that we can. If we can't help you we will refer you to the person that can.
  • To encourage you in maintaining your health and well being through advice given so that results are longer lasting.
  • To encourage continued professional development within our professions.
  • To welcome you to a friendly and warm environment so that you feel comfortable with any practitioner you see.


Offering osteopathy, massage therapy & dry needling for back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle strains and joint sprains for the west including Altona Meadows, Altona, Altona North, Laverton, Point Cook, Sanctuary Lakes, Yarraville, Footscray, Williamstown, Newport, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Tarneit and surrounds.

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