Nervous system

The nervous system

Have you ever wondered what makes our bodies do what they do? Why we move, talk, breathe and everything in between? Well, there is one system of the body that is primarily responsible for driving all those things… your nervous system. What is the nervous system? The nervous system is a complex collection of nerves …

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Injury blog: Bone fractures

“You’ve fractured a bone.” Probably the last thing anyone wants to hear when the doctor or nurse in the emergency department approaches you following an x-ray.


Injury blog: Concussion

Concussion, aka ‘mild traumatic brain injury’, has been the topic of much research and discussion between health professionals in recent years. It is a particularly important topic amongst practitioners who treat sports people on the field and in the clinic setting. Although concussion in sport is a common occurrence, anyone with a head can get …

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holding thigh

Injury blog: Muscle strain

Have you ever gone to reach your leg out for a ball just that little bit too far, or tried to suddenly sprint off from a standing still position and felt a painful tug, pull or tearing sensation in your leg? If you have, there is every chance you have been the recipient of a …

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person holding elbow

Why Osteopathy?

We regularly get asked the question, “Why osteopathy?”. Why not go to see a physio or a massage therapist? The most important thing to point out here is that we will not be spending this blog trying to talk down other therapies, but rather explain osteopathy. There are many different therapies out there, and there …

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Acute and Chronic pain

Introducing chronic pain and how to treat it Hello everyone, and welcome to our July blog! This month we are going to be talking about pain. We can’t believe it’s already halfway through the year. Time certainly does fly! But for the 3.24 million Australians living with chronic pain, it’s just more time spent battling …

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