Dr Aziza Hassan


Dr Aziza Hassan completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Complementary Medicine and her Masters of Osteopathy at RMIT University.  She has also furthered her studies in paediatric osteopathy and pregnancy osteopathy.  More recently she travelled to England to complete a short course in paediatric osteopathy. She has a particular passion for treating both children and pregnancy-related issues and aspires to specialise in this particular field, “treating children and pregnancy is my passion, there is an immense amount that osteopathy can offer in giving a child an optimum start to their life”. – Dr Aziza Noor Hassan.

Dr Aziza Hassan has worked in many clinics around Melbourne.  Through this, she has gained a great amount of knowledge in the management of different issues and treatment styles.  Aziza combines both a structural and cranial approach to treatment which produce great results for her patients.

Aziza is fun and bubbly and will somehow make you laugh while using her iron hands.

In her spare time, Aziza enjoys getting together with her foodie friends.

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